We don’t know what we would do without Paws 4 Walking. We first met Myles & Polly when we had Guinea Pigs that needed a holiday home. The Paws Inn is perfect for them. We soon progressed from Guinea Pigs to bigger (and in my opinion better) things. We have wonderful friends and family but not all of the places we go are dog friendly, so we knew before Dexter arrived, that we would need the services of Paws 4 Walking. Myles & Polly came to our home to meet Dexter (I had to frisk Polly on her way out as Dex was pocket sized and quite irresistible at 15 weeks old). Dexter always loves his sleepovers at ‘Auntie Kristine’s’ (he happily leaps into the boot of her P4W van, he makes me lift him into mine !!) Dexter recently started having a weekly daytime walk too and is always keen to tell me someone has been to take him out. Paws 4 Walking are so much more than the services they provide. I feel very safe in the knowledge that should I have any problems or issues with Dexter that I can call and ask for their advice or opinion. In fact when Dexter was attacked (whilst we were out walking) in January 2013, my first (and only thought) was to call Paws 4 Walking. Myles dropped everything and came to collect Dex and I, taking us straight to the vet. So, when anyone asks me if we can recommend someone to help look after their beloved pet, we never hesitate to hand over a Paws 4 Walking business card (I carry a stash in my dog walking coat pocket!!) We don’t know what we would do without Paws 4 Walking. Dani & Tim, Market Harborough


When we moved to Market Harborough 4 years ago, one of our main concerns was to find a carer who would provide a ‘home from home’ for our dog while we were away. Our success outstripped our expectations when we found Paws4Walking! Our elderly golden retriever, Freya, immediately recognised that she was in good hands and, for the last 6 months of her life, loved going to Paws4Walking! Her experience has more recently been matched by that of our black Labrador, Zita, who came to us about a year ago.

Myles and Polly at Paws4Walking are unusually flexible in providing a wide variety of care. Whether we need Zita to be walked for an hour, looked after for a day or cared for while we are away for an extended holiday, Paws4Walking will always find ways to meet our needs. Whatever the length of stay, Zita’s eagerness to leave us, whether jumping into Myles’ van, or walking into their home, testifies to her expectation that she will have a good time. Knowing this, we too can be happy that Zita will be well cared for and shown affection in a warm, family atmosphere by Myles, Polly and their team.

But Myles and Polly offer more than this. Their professionalism and their attention to detail mean that they provide us with feedback and updates when we are away for any length of time; they take account of Zita’s idiosyncrasies, such as her unusual morning routine and they ensure that every member of their team has all the information they need to provide good care for each dog. Myles also gives generously of his time and expertise in supporting us as owners. For example, before Zita came to us we gave a home, for a time, to a Retriever rescue dog with a difficult behaviour problem. During that time, Myles worked hard to help us set up a training regime for Harry.

We count ourselves fortunate that we found Paws4Walking – we continue to appreciate the professionalism, skills and personal warmth of Myles, Polly and their team. They enable us to pursue our interests and take holidays confident that Zita is as happy as we are!

George and Jill, Market Harborough


At first we were a little apprehensive about leaving our boy with people he had never met before, not knowing how he would react. However, we can honestly say that Paws 4 Walking is the best thing we have done. We come home to a happy dog who has clearly been well looked after in our absence. Also, we have actually seen some improvements in him since P4W started walking him such as him coming back when asked, allowing me to dry him when he’s wet and muddy and taking treats out of our hand without the usual excited snatch, these improvements have all no doubt been worked on by the P4W team. We are so happy with how Dennis is looked after that we are going to go on our first holiday in years without Dennis as we will be leaving him with P4W knowing that he will be extremely well looked after……..probably so much so that we won’t want to come home when we return!

Alison and Phil


We used Paws 4 Walking for the first time in October 2013 whist we went on holiday. We were a bit concerned about leaving Oska with someone he’d only just met once, but he thoroughly enjoyed his stay with Kristine. It was lovely that Kristine took the time to text us every few days to let us know how he was getting on. Since then we have used Paws 4 Walking for walks and day boarding.
Oska gets really excited when he sees Kristine pull up in the van and has no hesitation about going off with her and we know that he will be looked after and have a lovely time.
We have found that Paws 4 Walking are efficient, reliable and flexible in providing a wide range of services that fulfil our needs.
Many thanks to the team.

Valerie & Mike – Market Harborough


Upon moving to Market Harborough, it was important for us to find another dog walker that we felt confident with. We’ve always used a dog-walking service before and so were keen to find one in our new town. Paws 4 Walking were recommended through friends and family on facebook and I can see why.

Our little Cavalier, Bertie, has been very happy walking regularly with Kristine and enjoys a long snooze after his field-romps & fun outings with a friendly Labrador. Paws 4 Walking have been fantastic; they are clearly dog-lovers and also experts in their field taking note of all of Bertie’s preferences, health, feeding, walk-behaviour etc. So, if anyone asked me to recommend a dog-walker in Harborough, I could only recommend Paws 4 Walking.
Thanks Kristine, Myles & Polly!!

Leonie – a very happy dog-owner